1. 1 Inch Ruffle Skirt

We offer made to order ruffle skirts with a variety of ruffle sizes.   We have a variety of colors and we try to keep our site current but our stock changes frequently so we will do our best to accommodate your request.  In the unfortunate instance that we are unable to obtain your requested color we will let you know and you can select another color.

1 Inch Ruffle Skirt

Adult Sizes                                              Child Sizes

              XS – XL ~ $25.00                                    XXS – XS – $15.00              

            Plus sizes ~ $40.00                                    S – XL – $20.00                

1 Inch Ruffle Skirt Colors

Ivory WhiteBlack

White                                       Ivory                                       Black

SilverSteel OrchidCharcoal

Silver                                       Steel Orchid                               Charcoal

RaspberryNavyChocolate Brown

Raspberry                                    Navy                                    Brown

CoralChartruese GreenPink

Coral                               Chartuse Green                                  Pink

TurquoiseSapphire BlueRuby Red

Turquoise                         Sapphire Blue                           Ruby Red

ToffeeAquaBright Pink

Toffee                                      Aqua                                   Bright Pink

Butter YellowEggplantGrape

Butter Yellow                            Eggplant                                   Grape

Emerald GreenHoney MustardLight Pink - Baby

Emerald Green                 Honey Mustard                  Soft Baby Pink


Magenta                               Peacock                               Tangerine

Red Lime Fuchsia

Red                                   Lime Green                                Fucshi

OrangeDark PurpleTurqoise

      Orange                                   Purple                                Turquoise Blue


                    Black Zebra

List_EJ-297  Large_EJ-298

Rainbow Pink/Purple           Rainbow Blue/Green

  Sherbert Tye DyedBLue & Green Tye DyedPInk & White Stripe

Sherbert                          Mermaid Tie~Dye                    Parfait Pink

Blue FloralPink Floral Yellow Floral

Turquoise Floral                        Pink Floral                         Yellow Floral

Black & Cream RF-10SUNSETPINKCORAL124-1

Licorice & Cream                Peachy Pink & Coral

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